"Stay Off My Mind" is the debut four-track EP from Scandinavian singer-songwriter Skott. It was released on January 21, 2018 by Chess Club and RCA records.

Background and release Edit

After releasing a string of singles in 2016 and 2017, Skott released her debut EP in 2018 featuring four entirely new songs.

Skott worked with long time collaborators Agrin Rhamani, Theo Carlson, and Christian Nilsson on the EP who she's known a long time. She stated "The fact that I'm making music with friends, and that we know each other so well makes me think that we can be more honest with each other and more free and happy when we create."

In an interview with DIY Skott talked about the EP's title track, stating: "I’ve been working a bit with Bjorn from Peter Bjorn & John, and we meant to replace the sample, but it just worked so perfectly so its ended up in the song. The producers and I couldn’t decide on a bpm for the song – when the verse felt fast, the chorus felt slow, and vice versa, so the song actually switches tempo four times”.

Despite this, the title track was inspired by the death of a close friend, as Skott explains: “Ultimately it’s a song about missing someone so much that you’re almost living more in the past than in the present. It’s bittersweet because we can have such fond memories, but life goes on and sometimes having flashbacks can keep you from moving on”.

An official remix of the title track by P3GI-13 & Skott herself was released on March 9, 2018.

Track listing Edit

No. Title Writers Producers Length
1 "Stay Off My Mind Skott, Peter Moren, Nicklas Lif, John Eriksson, Björn Yttling, & Agrin Rahmani Shydle & Rahmani 3:40
2 "In The Mood" Skott, Theo Ekblom Carlson, & Christian Nelsson Nomad & Cboe 3:30
3 "Russian Soul" Skott, Theo Ekblom Carlson, Christian Nilsson Nomad & Cboe 3:52
4 "This Vibe" Skott, Theo Ekblom Carlson, & Litens Anton Nilsson Nomad & Cboe 3:58

Cover of the P3GI-13 & Skott remix of Stay Off My Mind.

Samples Edit

  • "Young Folks" by Peter Bjorn, & John is sampled in the title track "Stay Off My Mind". In an interview with Sub Stream Magazine, Skott said, "the chords and baseline and everything came kinda all at once.” Drums were absent during that session, so the song still needed that component. When thinking about songs with the emotional tone they were looking for, “Young Folks” came up on a whim. “For fun we just sampled it, that beat, and put it in the production. It was perfect for the song, it was too perfect, so we didn’t want to take it out,” Skott says. Thankfully Skott knew Björn Yttling from the band a bit, so a quick ask to him was all that was needed in order to secure the sample and complete the song."

Videos Edit

  • A music video for the title track was released on February 7, 2018.
  • An official lyric video was for "Russian Soul" was released on March 12, 2018.

Formats Edit

  • Digital Download
  • Digital Streaming
    Skott - Stay Off My Mind (Official Video)

    Skott - Stay Off My Mind (Official Video)

    Skott - Russian Soul (Lyric Video)

    Skott - Russian Soul (Lyric Video)

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